A classic act

The first time I heard the voice of John Barrowman he was talking soothingly to Rose in Doctor Who. I wasn’t watching (that time on a Saturday mothers are either sorting out what to eat or sorting out what was eaten, and can’t watch every stupid old programme that’s on), so just heard this American pop up in wartime London (I think, so correct me if I’m wrong). Then I had to watch the second half because some people were scared stiff of the horrors of ‘are you my mummy?’. Yes, I am. That’s why I was sitting there, de-scaring the Doctor.

Anyway, I slowly began watching this Doctor chap, catching the occasional glimpse of the faux-American.

But when Daughter informed me he sings as well, I really thought it had gone too far. Actors should know where and when to stop. Thought he sounded pretty rubbish in the YouTube clips she showed me. But I am her mummy, so went along to the John Barrowman concert soon after. And it wasn’t too bad.

John Barrowman Manchester 2008

Having read (yes, duty knows no bounds) John’s autobiography I also happen to know he started by singing, not acting. So that’s all right. I have even (don’t tell anyone, will you?) added Daughter’s John Barrowman CDs to my iTunes, and find I quite enjoy them.

But what I don’t think she realises, is that John’s CDs are a good way for someone young to learn many of the easy listening classics from, well, from some time ago. It would have been a lot harder to brainwash her into liking old songs, had I played old recordings with old people. This way the old tunes just slip in un-noticed and are appreciated.

So I reckon John provides a good service, and not just to Rose in the war.


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