NCIS – Worst Nightmare

How could I manage to be right, only seconds into the episode? Sometimes I make these comments tongue-in-cheek, and I have to admit I did this time. On the other hand; there are only so many possibilities for ‘who did it’ in any one programme.

He's behind you!

The writing on the wall

Gibbs and Seelus


McGee and Zuse

Gibbs and pen

We seemed to be back in the classroom of Bait, although Daughter reckons they had redecorated. Didn’t know Milton could be so boring…

Gibbs must be getting old. Or is it CBS looking for new growth? On the other hand, we’ve had promising new faces in the past and they disappear faster than a corpse in autopsy. Younger models indeed.

And poor Palmer may have been feeling jealous, but wouldn’t it have been better for him to join in with Ducky and Knox of Kirkcaldy (pah!) than to run around like a headless chicken, getting in everybody’s way?

Scary Abby gets the intern twin of her old ‘pal’ Fred from The Ex-File. They even high five like Abby and Fred. But Seelus seems a lot nicer. He even finds Abby scarier than Gibbs. Wise man. Bells are a good idea. Is there anything which that goth doesn’t have stashed away in a cupboard?

‘It’s a work-boot and I’m still working on it’.

But weren’t granddad’s teeth scary? On the other hand; old men aren’t always useless.

(Photos © CBS)


One response to “NCIS – Worst Nightmare

  1. Rebecca Lewis

    I found this to be quite a funny episode, with the ‘new’ interns.. Abby’s esp having him walk around with bells on.. I did laugh! But who can blame her after her physio assistant Chuck! (Charles) Lol..

    Poor Jimmy, his face was a picture when he walked into Autopsy! I laughed when he asked when she was leaving.. Bless!

    All in all i found this to be a great second episode.. Can’t wait until next week.. With the ‘Odd Couple’ back Gibbs & Fornell.. Hurrah!

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