Whose watch strap is that then?

Mark Harmon and watch strap on Leno

OK, call me obsessed. (Hi there! I’m obsessed.) But whose watch strap is it? And can they share?

It was almost impossible to miss Mark Harmon’s vividly orange watch strap while he was fiddling with all those breast implants and crickets and stuff on the Jay Leno show last winter. I wouldn’t say I made a point of remembering it, but you recognise it when you see it again.

Watch strap

The again happened this week in the first episode of NCIS season eight. Gibbs wore it. It may not be the same one, but it’s certainly orange, and very similar.

Gibbs and watch strap

So, did he forget to take it off, or did someone decide that Gibbs could wear Mark Harmon’s watch? I’d have to say that the actor wears cooler things than the federal agent does. I almost wonder if orange is not very Gibbsy?

But there it was.

11 responses to “Whose watch strap is that then?

  1. Mark harmon has actually been wearing the watch on the show since last season. it is very noticible

  2. Not noticeable enough apparently, or I’d have noticed. I’ll just have to watch the whole of season seven again…

  3. My guess is it’s a Marathon SAR diving watch, with a Maratac orange rubber strap.

    ‘Gibbs’ used to wear an Omega Planet Ocean 45.2mm with orange bezel; seems that product placement deal is over? (Although I think Tony still wears his)

  4. You mean it’s Gibbs rather than Mark Harmon who wears ‘products’? There is that old advertisement photo, for some watch or other. Forget which kind, now.

  5. Gibbs wears an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean on the show (and so does DiNozzo, as Nathan said); sometimes with an orange strap and sometimes with a steel bracelet.

    I think that’s an Omega Seamaster Ploprof in the Leno shots.

  6. Thanks, Mark. I’m glad someone knows more than I do. Not hard, I know, but anyway…

  7. Oh, that’s expensive! Even with the money off. But thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I think I need Gibbs to wear a purple watch next, and I might consider it.

  8. Mark’s right it is the Omega Seamaster Ploprof. I think Mr. Harmon just never thought to take it off while shooting. Obviously Special Agent Gibbs could not afford a $10,000 watch with(what is it now?) four alimonies to pay.

  9. The money’s one thing, but I just feel it’s not in Gibbs’s taste. Somehow.
    And it’s only three alimonies, I believe. Although the wife we’ve met seems to be working, so surely can do without the support?

  10. It is a Omega PloProf It is his personal watch.

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