NCIS – Spider and the Fly

You know your life is too exciting when you need to enter your own home doing one of those stiff-armed gun searches for baddies in every corner. Gibbs has plenty of that, and his open-door policy may not help.

Gibbs sr

I had a theory as to how the encounter between Gibbs Sr and dear Paloma would go. In fact, I had two theories, and none was right. But you could argue that what Gibbs says, courtesy of Mike Franks, that ‘you do what you have to for family’, works both ways. Daddy Gibbs does it, and so does Paloma, of course. Not to mention her charming brother Alejandro.

Mike Franks

Gibbs isn’t the only one with a father. DiNozzo has one, and so does Ziva. There are clear markings of things to come, whether there’s a lot of it and slow, or little and fast. Or any other combination. And I do I believe that was a pretend phone call director Vance had with Eli David.

Abby, Gibbs, McGee, Alejandro, Vance and DiNozzo

The poor prodigal probie McGee was back from Canada, and Ziva brought her tan lines, or lack thereof, back from Miami. And as Ducky said, ‘don’t get me started on South Carolina’s velvet ant’. Better not, then.

Abby and Ducky

There may have been exploding shop interiors and safe houses, but while Ducky can get his tea-cosy out and have a civilised drink with Abby (very sexy leather straps!) in autopsy, while ruminating on Churchill, all is well.

Alejandro and Paloma

All in all I think the cliffhanger from the end of season seven was more exciting than the beginning of season eight turned out to be. In fact, apart from the sheer joy of having them all back, it was about the wettest first episode we’ve had. It was compensated for with many of our favourite extras, and a couple of enjoyable baddies. But at this rate I think my prediction that we need Ari back is proving truer than I thought.

Jackson's shop

Was that who Eli David had found? It wouldn’t be our first fake dead Mossad agent.

(Photos © CBS)


2 responses to “NCIS – Spider and the Fly

  1. Isn’t it getting to boring that they write Gibbs as the father to EVERYONE?
    When is a boss just a BOSS?
    C’mon in earlier seasons in the Bellasario ERA if you will the show was about co=workers that were fun to watch. But now it’s DADDY GIBBS and DADDY GIBBS or yeah and more DADDY GIBBS!
    Since I started watching in Season 2 I always thought that Gibbs and Abby had a fun FLIRTING ship and thought by season 7-8 they were like going to get it on. She freaking HOT but, in the episode BORDERLAND we get the “how i’ve been like a daughter to you.”
    dropped by ABBY!
    If I was Gibbs and had it in for Abby sure those words would have offset some preconceived notions by Gibbs and Abby shippers.
    I’m not one but I just thought they had more chemistry to evolve romantically.

    I’m losing interest fast of DADDY GIBBS.
    Co-workers are funner and more exciting to watch than a surrogate family!!!!
    Doesn’t a fan have an opinion?

  2. I was referring to Gibbs Sr here, if that’s what got you all worked up? The day I call Leroy Jethro Gibbs ‘Daddy’ will be when I stop blogging.

    Unfortunately, I believe they have always cast Gibbs as a father figure, except maybe episode one when he half leads Kate on. I think they hadn’t quite made their minds up at that time.

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