Fresh Abby tattoos

McGee and Abby in hazard overall

I can tell we’re getting closer to Halloween from the added interest in Abby’s tattoos, and I hadn’t totally forgotten about updating pictures of Abby and her spider, actually. I’ve been collecting the photos, but not done anything with them.

Abby and Gibbs

Now I’m back to doing, since I’m expecting newer ones still to find their way here once season eight starts next week.


Next week! I can’t wait! Yes I can. If we’ve gone this long, another week is nothing. Seven sleeps. That’s not much.

Abby and owl t-shirt

I read in the paper yesterday that owls are in. So clearly Abby got in early with her red owl t-shirt. It’s from when she’s so happy she’s going to Mexico and hopes McGee isn’t coming.

McGee and Abby in Mexico

But he did, and here they are in Mexico pre-yoghurt incident. Pre a lot of things, really.

Gibbs and Abby

I’ll trawl some more if and when I have the time.


(Photos © CBS)


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