2010 Last Night of the Proms

Jiří Bělohlávek, Jiří Bělohlávek, Jiří Bělohlávek … Thank god for copy and paste. Of course, if the BBC have got it wrong, then so have I. I won’t even begin to try and say his name out loud. A past watching ice hockey does not help in this instance. They were all Jiří something or other. He did well, though, Jiří, conducting the last night. His speech was a tad long, and it’s refreshing with an international conductor with less than perfect English.

Last Night of the Proms 2010, ©BBC

The Resident IT Consultant and I both thought we recognised the Tchaikovsky, and I definitely felt I could sing bits of it, albeit in Swedish. Something about goddesses. Probably have it all wrong, though. Daughter did a lot of looking up of flags, such as the yellow one with a black lion. Personally I liked the pink Union Jack.

Pleased to catch John Barrowman singing about roses in Salford in the interval. Now, Daughter could have been in Salford, but she opted for the sofa. Well, at least it’s pink.

It was an evening of busts. Old Henry Wood, obviously, but also that of Renée Fleming. She covered hers with what looked like purple napkins, intricately folded. To escape the cold she draped a black net curtain over her arms. Suspect that Renée could see the error of her ways, as she went out and found some sleeves to go with the napkins for Rule Britannia.

Maxim Rysanov seemed like a nice sort of viola player. I’m not much of a string person though, unless it’s a double bass.

And there’s something about the mass effect of lots of voices, isn’t there? It may not have been the largest number of people singing You’ll Never Walk Alone, but it sounded good. Luckily Jiří’s yellow balloon didn’t go pop. Was there a small furry animal sitting near him as well, or was I simply hallucinating?

Shuna Scott Sendall and Kiri Te Kanawa, ©BBC

Very pleased for Shuna Scott Sendall who won the BBC Radio 2 Kiri Prize. As they showed a few of the finalists in the interval, I felt without even thinking much about it, that Shuna had by far the best voice. Winning, and also getting to sing side by side with Kiri Te Kanawa and José Carreras must have been a fantastic feeling.

In fact, there is only one small gripe about all this extra promming in parks. You can’t see it all. I’d like to be able to see what’s on where and when so I can switch when things happen.

Fix please?

(Photos © BBC)


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