NCIS – Ari’s back; or is he?

I started hallucinating motorbikes a while back. Then I went colourblind. Or more accurately, forgetful. I saw a red motorbike on my way to the cinema one day and thought of Ari in Reveille, the last episode of season one of NCIS. Then I thought that his bike was yellow, so began looking for a yellow motorbike, and found it.


Kate and Ari

Kate and Ari

And when I got home and re-watched Reveille the blasted motorbike turned out to have been red all the time. Or perhaps it changed while I wasn’t looking?

Something Daughter read on the upcoming season eight about someone bad returning, had us speculate whether they could ever bring Ari back. I explained to her about Bobby in Dallas and said everything is possible. Almost.

For a bad guy, Ari was very likeable. I’ve often disliked DiNozzo more than Ari. And he’s about the only bad guy I’ve found myself disagreeing with Gibbs over. (Though I did quite like the professional killer in Under Covers.) It’s clear that Kate liked Ari, despite everything. And Ducky did, too. There’s something refined about a ‘British’ accent. They don’t always have to be bad. Also, Ari was at the University of Edinburgh. That has to count for something.

Fornell and Gibbs

(Photos © CBS)

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