Lara’s fringe

It was the second dead hamster event of the day. And when we (only Son, actually) thought we might be lost (inside a pub? Honestly…) we found ourselves facing Lara A King herself, who sent us to get drinks and said she’d call us.

Lara A King

To be perfectly honest, I’d rather Lara had sung more and talked less. When you’ve got a voice like an angel’s, singing is better than telling jokes, even when the jokes are good. But that’s just me. She did ask if there were any reviewers in the audience. As if they’d say.

Lara A King

And how could she know that Daughter is one who waves to drivers on pedestrian crossings? Or that Son has a Homebase background? Scary.

Lara sang three songs, and talked at length about the self service checkouts at Sainsbury’s. Again, how did she know I can’t manage them? And was she really standing behind me when I had problems paying for my meal?

I’m pleased I finally got to see Lara on her own, and I hope it wasn’t the last time. Her song It Ain’t Mississippi from Fascinating Aïda’s silver jubilee tour is a favourite of mine. I couldn’t say ‘the badger sent me’, which is something I aspire to, but was able to tell Lara we were there because Dillie (Keane) sent us.

I don’t mind too much now that my hair was almost blown off by the fan behind me. That’s fan as in the round thing that whirls the air round and round. And Offspring seem to have been able to tolerate my choice of fringe. As in event. Not hair.

(Photos by Helen Giles)

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