Another actor photo

‘Looks like it’s just you and me’, I said to David Rintoul on Tuesday morning. I’d come in to Charlotte Square early, just to catch David’s event where he was going to read from Doctor Finlay’s Casebook. But the intention was to let my photographer look after the image-catching behind the yurt.

David Rintoul

However, a misunderstanding left me wielding my wee camera again, so soon after the Simon Callow incident. As I saw David being escorted round, I followed. We found to our shared surprise that we seemed to be alone. So I said what I said, and he took it well.

Meanwhile the press officer on the case had unearthed one real photographer, and it fell to him to tell David to stand on the 2p piece on the floor. The press officer apologised for there being just the one photographer. Invisibility hits faster than you expect.

David was politeness itself and made a point of asking me if I’d had the pictures I needed. Well, I’m afraid I lied. Can we do it again, please? I’m sorry about the appalling quality. I’ll sack me immediately.


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