It used to be that every summer we’d find the early Saturday evening repeat for children on Swedish television was Saltkråkan, written by Astrid Lindgren. What happened was that with 13 episodes and regular English school holidays, we’d hit the same episodes every year. Two at the beginning and then a few more at the end of summer.

Now they appear to have switched to re-runs of Pip-Larssons instead. That’s based on another childhood series of books, about the Larsson family who have seven children and no money. Just a Dad who invents stuff and a Mum who used to be a Shakespeare actress. I read these books when I had never heard of Mr Shakespeare and needed assistance in deciphering his long and complicated name.


Mum named all the girls after some of the bard’s best know leading ladies, and Dad got to name the boys, which they are very grateful for. School would be pretty unbearable if you’re called Othello Larsson.

Anyway, they take to the roads when they lose their home and inherit two enormous horses. The Dad builds horse drawn caravans for them to live in, and they hope to sell his clever saucepans en route to the Mum’s sister.

Pip-Larssons is another part of the Jakob Eklund-fest that I’ve experienced this summer. As I said, the man’s in everything, and he is Dad Larsson of the saucepans.

I was so keen for Offspring to experience Edit Unnerstad’s books through the television series that I bought all the videos all those years ago. That was harder than it sounds, and we had to order some of them specially. From the toyshop.

There seem to be only six children in the above photo. Mum’s bump will turn into little Ophelia at some point. As a child I quite fancied being called Desdemona. After the Larsson one, not Shakespeare.


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