He can jive

Jerry Williams, Allsång på Skansen

I almost choked on whatever I was having when I saw that Jerry Williams was going to appear in Allsång på Skansen. It’s not what you expect a cool – albeit somewhat old – rocker to be doing.

But luckily Jerry just did a couple of his normal songs. None of this going round the audience and putting his arm around them and singing with all and sundry. Thank god! Arne Weise was in the audience too, and it’s unimaginable to have the two of them singing together.

Bad enough that Jerry had ditched the denim jacket for a jolly yellow affair. He’s not growing up, is he?

And I apologise for having moved on from photographing the newspaper, to doing the television instead. It won’t become a habit. It was just that yellow jacket. It got to me.

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