Canvassing, Cubism and cola bottles

Too much information? Did we really need to be told what canvas is? The photographer whose exhibition we’d gone to see had mounted his photos on canvas. We could see that. We also know what it is, and had we not, and had we wanted to be informed, we would have asked. We didn’t need a canvas speech.

But we got it all the same.

The photos were really nice and we enjoyed looking at them. But as I said, we know about canvas. Then we moved on to the lady with the handmade bags, who was very sweet, but also too pushy. Whether or not we go to exhibitions to buy, we don’t like pushy.

The photo exhibition at the library, on the other hand, had no one there at all, to push or to talk about anything whatsoever. The photos weren’t as good as canvas man’s, and for an exhibition on pictures from one particular area, you’d sort of expect them not to be from elsewhere. Some where, though. Decided we’d have a go at exhibiting next year.

Went back to the first gallery for another exhibition. This time it was paintings and the artist is dead, so less pushy. Some of Wilgot Lind’s pictures were just to my taste, and my taste being what it is, I liked the most expensive one the best. Naturally. It was a green cubistic sort of thing, supposedly of a garden. I quite like green triangles if done well.

It rained. A lot. On the way to the exhibition I recycled my cardboard and my cola bottles. I felt I needed several reasons to go out, even though a walk was essential, despite the water from above.

I’m still drying…


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