The Third Wave

What’s the world coming to? Now the ‘Swedish” films are all international with umpteen languages swilling around; some done well, and others less well. And I’ve had another instalment in my Jakob Eklund-fest. That man must surely be in every single film made in Sweden in the last decade.

When she saw that The Third Wave, the third film about Johan Falk, was going to be on television the day after she’d left, Daughter wasn’t pleased. But I didn’t care, because I’d get to see it, which is what counts. Isn’t it? The blurb in the paper suggested it wasn’t worth watching, but I have to disagree. It was fun and exciting throughout, and whereas it may not count as the greatest film ever made, it entertained, which is what films are for.

People die. That’s worth keeping in mind. They switch happily from Swedish to French, and on to English and even German. (Not when they’re dead, obviously.) Nicholas Farrell does a private security specialist who gives the impression of knowing what’s what. That’s until, well… He’s one of the actors that I keep seeing all over the place, and whose name I can never remember. I know him as the one who isn’t Peter Davison, if that helps.

Irina Björklund as the female lead is very good with her languages, and I give Irina 99% for her Swedish and about 95% for her British English. That’s praise, coming from me.

Jakob Eklund sounds like a Gothenburger as usual, and shoots and runs, also as usual. Lennart Hjulströms French sounded so good I wondered if it was fake. Maybe not. The film also has better protest matchers than most, as I always feel such things are made to look pathetic.

The Third Wave

Good, solid adventure thriller, that’s not pretending to be anything else.


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