My timing is famously wrong.

I was never interested in Gyllene Tider, having left Sweden just as they started out. And they were too young for me.

Never really caught on with Roxette, either. The one thing I remember hails from the year I took Offspring to a Swedish play group for a few weeks. The other mothers had cause to gossip about rich foreigners with houses nearby, and people too grand to behave like normal people. ‘But at least Marie Fredriksson always says hello’, was the verdict. She lived near at the time, in the house Mother-of-witch desperately fancied living in. Perhaps if she’d been a rockstar?

Some years ago I had the opportunity to buy tickets for Offspring to see a Gyllene Tider concert in Halmstad, which surprisingly was on when we were there. I didn’t, and have received flak ever since.


This year I arrived to find that Halmstad is hosting a Roxette concert two days after my departure. See, it’s the timing again.

Then yesterday morning I read in the paper that Roxette were doing a dress rehearsal at a local nightclub for a select 600 audience that very evening. Tried, and failed, getting the Resident IT Consultant to pop along and queue for tickets for me.

So that’s another event I didn’t make it to. Gah!

Hallandsposten were there. And I noticed Roxette made the headlines for both the national evening tabloids.


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