… and so to the tea in the garden

I promised to return to Särdals Kvarn, the local windmill, last year. I didn’t, and I apologise for not keeping a promise given so rashly. We walked over there yesterday to look at the photo exhibition, and it made Daughter feel ill. Not so much because of the high quality of the photos, as the ‘models’. Never keen on insects and jellyfish at the best of times, when they’ve been considerably enlarged they are a scary sight.

So, it was a brief look only. Lucky then, that it wasn’t primarily the photos we walked there for. We were after the tea. Had hoped to go earlier, but with two days of storms and plenty of rain, we felt disinclined to do afternoon tea al fresco.

Raspberry pie

To calm the post-exhibition nerves we repaired to the windmill’s garden and boldly tried new things to eat, which is something we don’t often do. So instead of my usual pecan nut sticky sugary concoction, I had raspberry pie with vanilla sauce, and the Resident IT Consultant had its sister, the apple pie, while Daughter experimented with a new type of coke. Non-branded cola, that is. Nice, apparently.

That’s what the wasps thought, too, so we didn’t stay quite as long as we might have.

Otherwise the garden is absolutely perfect, and very much the kind of place where you want to linger in the sunshine. They sell loose leaf tea in the shop, so the tea in the cups is also really good.

Garden at Särdals Kvarn

Daughter fell for something in their other shop, but I’ve already forgotten what. Don’t think it was the concrete plate with pink roses, but that was very lovely. Not exactly the kind of thing you want to put in your suitcase as you fly home, but…


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