Livvakterna and Livvagterne

There were bodyguards all over television last week. The previews promised me Swedish bodyguards and Danish bodyguards. In the end I somehow expected some inter-Nordic bodyguard series. This was because I’m an idiot and I didn’t even notice it was different channels.

First out was Livvagterne, which is a Danish series, featuring the agency that guards Danish politicians. Jumping straight into episode 15 made for more confusion, but it was entertaining enough. As someone says on IMDb, they feel it’s as good as any American series and they are surprised there aren’t more things done on this topic.

Maybe it’s because it’s Danish, or it might simply be due to it being television fiction, but there are a lot of in-agency relationships. The two episodes I’ve watched deals with a wannabe government minister, whose daughter is abducted just after his boss has committed suicide. It’s not a pretty story, but it rings true.

After this it was Livvakterna, which is a Swedish film; the second with Jakob Eklund as Johan Falk after Noll Tolerans. Johan goes rogue after his employers show a distinct lack of either understanding or appreciation of what he did in the first film. A close friend gets caught up with the Russian mafia in Estonia and asks for help when things get really bad.

And then things get quite a bit worse. Very violent, and my tolerance for stupid mothers of stupid children disappeared. But they redeem themselves, so it’s OK. As the blurb in the TV guide said, it’s a rather silly plot, but nicely done.

(It also has ‘Wallander’ – i.e. Krister Henriksson – which pleased Daughter greatly until…)

We are already looking forward to the third film.

One response to “Livvakterna and Livvagterne

  1. Oooh – more Danish television to track down.

    German television is also similar in its repeat casting. There’s a handful of actors who turn up again and again and again – mostly in crime stories, but some also in really soppy romances about widowed chocolate shop owners fallen on hard times who fall in love with the back manager’s estranged son, or struggling single parents whose faith in humanity is restored by the kindly neighbouring engineer/food critic/architect, or busy career professionals engaged to the wrong person who find their inner peace on holiday in Bavaria/Mallorca/Italy and magically find the love of their life and an alternative career.

    (Case in point: the nice doctor from that Leipzig series about a zoo vet is also the wheelchair-using Kommissar based in Frankfurt at 18:00 on Thursdays, and also turned up as the villain in the Cologne based exploding-car police drama last week. )

    And all this with so many out-of-work actors!

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