You can only have one favourite favourite television series to obsess about. And for us that is NCIS. But then we have a few more on the next level, one of which is the Danish Rejseholdet. Having just gone on holiday, we are continuing watching through all the episodes again. What strikes me is how similar they are. And also quite how different from each other.


Both are police teams of some sort, where the group have become family. You don’t necessarily want to watch it out of order, as it’s important what went before, between X and Y. And the whole team is aware of it. Or not.

Whenever the fans want Tony and Ziva to get together, you have to stop for a reality check. It’d be nice, perhaps. But would it work? No, it wouldn’t. The same went for Gibbs and Hollis Mann. Fine for a while, but it can’t be allowed to become permanent. Then Gibbs wouldn’t be Gibbs.

I assume that real NCIS agents have families. And that it works. But the television team can’t have long term happiness and stability.

In Rejseholdet they do. Have relationships, that is. Not certain that it always works, and it definitely gets in the way of the policework. But then maybe real families also interact with real policing.

Fischer gets somewhere late, because his wife is upset with his infidelities. IP’s girlfriend is angry when he doesn’t have time for her theatre plays. Ingrid is always having to sort things out for her children, finding ‘babysitters’, although they are teenagers, or coming home to find there has been a party. La Cour, naturally, seems the most sorted of them all, and does get back together with an old flame. And Gaby and Johnny have their very public disagreements in the lap of the team.

It’d be easy to say that the Danes are the normal ones, but I wonder if normal means always having things happening within a small group of people. How likely is it to have the head police officer finding she’s investigating the murders of her brother-in-law and his family?


And good looking though the Danish team are (it is television, after all), they are nowhere near the Hollywood good looks of NCIS. I mean, take Palmer out of autopsy, and even he is handsome.

Maybe their looks help us like people to begin with. I’m certain I’d love the characters after a while, no matter how they look. In fact, I disliked Gibbs for most of the first two series because of his California perfection, and to begin with I found Fischer unbearably ugly. But you get used to both, and once you’ve become ‘friends’, you just like.

3 responses to “Relationships

  1. Given a choice, I’d go for LaCour over Fischer (who smokes too much and uses too much hair gel), even though the visions would be offputting. Oh, and the whole ‘holding gun to girlfriend’s head’ incident.

    Rejseholdet is my favourite TV show, I think. Partly because I found it at a rather tough time and having something to watch each week made a difference (go SBS! Mind you, tuning in after Kommissar Rex was a bit odd), and partly because it’s really very good. Although yes, the fact that everything happens to the team is a bit much. (Ingrid investigates the murder of relatives just after partner has tragically died; the main profiler in Denmark is LaCour’s ex; Ulf has to have an affair with IP’s wife; Ulf and Ingrid…well that is a spoiler.)

    When pondering TV etc, I still occasionally wonder what happened to Johnny. I suppose that’s the sign of good television. (I think ‘most shocking moment’ probably goes to the last episode of Wallander series 1 – that was rough.)

    I like “The Eagle” too, if we’re talking about Danish tv (and it’s showing in repeats in German right now) but am put off by the fact that I can’t stand Hallgrim.

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