‘Peter Bradshaw only gave Eclipse one star’ said Daughter. I had to ask. ‘What’s Eclipse?’ It seems it was only the film we were about to go out and see an hour later. Oops. I knew it was one of the Twilight films, but I’ve long given up on remembering any actual facts.

When we got there, we almost left on the spot, seeing the long queue, until it transpired it looked long because they hadn’t actually opened the doors to let anyone in. Once they did it was fine. That was until Daughter told me to go and stand in the long queue to refreshments instead of the shorter ticket queue. Obedient soul that I am I did as I was told, and it turned out the ticket office was closed. For the first screening of Eclipse! So, the popcorn and fizzy drinks person sold tickets. Too. I could have done without the spilled drinks on the counter, seeing as it was tickets I was after.

Once in the auditorium of screen six we felt our way forward. It was pitch black. Slight safety risk there maybe? Sat down and ‘watched’ others search in the dark. The start time for the film came and went. Eventually someone came and made some light, and even managed to start some advertisements. Then the trailers. After an hour there the feature film actually started.

At this point I admitted to Daughter that I couldn’t quite remember how the second film had ended.

I find Robert Pattinson very annoying. Kristen Stewart is OK-ish, if only she didn’t bite her lip in deep thought so often. Taylor Lautner only trumps dear Edward because anyone would. Though as he said, he is hotter. Literally, of course.

They took a long time getting nowhere very much. Basically it’s two hours watching the two groups of adversaries defend Bella against something bad. If they’d only let her perish, they could all get on with their lives. Or non-lives for the pale lot.

She’s two-timing them for goodness’ sake!

It’ll have to be Shrek next time. I need something real.

3 responses to “Eclipse

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  2. OK you decided me. I was thinking as a writer in this area I should go see, but I’ll wait for the DVD. I found Twilight amusing (for different reasons than my teen daughter – terrible make up, clumsy scenes, intensity without build up). Isn’t RP just a Regency romance hero re-dressed as vampire? Mr Darcy of the night. So of course smouldering Jacob wins hands down.

  3. Trouble is, Jacob’s looks do nothing for me. And there is nothing exciting about Edward who just sits there like an idiot. In the first film he at least seemed possessed of a sense of humour and a wee bit of charm.

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