Afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel

Sometimes a witch has to forget about free advertising, and this is such a time. Afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel in Manchester is really quite nice. More than nice, but they have to give me free tea on a regular basis for me to work harder on my adjectives.

Frank Cottrell Boyce

I was too late for a ticket last year when Joan Bakewell did an event there, with tea, for the Manchester Literature Festival. And no offence Joan, but the Manchester Children’s Book Festival offered me tea and Frank Cottrell Boyce. Very grateful, too, that I didn’t insist on going tea-less and crouching in a darkened corner for free, when I could actually have the full works and still not pay. Just seeing all the food they laid on makes the stomach – if not the bathroom scales – happier.

Sherry Ashworth at the Midland Hotel

Today was an author reading session with Frank and local author Sherry Ashworth, followed by tea, followed by a book quiz. It may have been help-yourself buffet service, but I don’t need waiters when I can stack up on shameful amounts of sandwiches, scones and cake. All of high quality, and washed down with just the right strength tea.

Cakes at the Midland

Lovely room, with a view of the library across the road. Who needs pub quizzes with fish and chips when you can be literary and have afternoon tea at the same time?

(Photos by Helen Giles)

One response to “Afternoon tea at the Midland Hotel

  1. I spent my wedding night in the Midland and often nip in there for a drink. I love it. Frank Cottrell Boyce would be great I imagine too

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