NCIS – Red Cell

Gibbs - Red Cell

This used to count as one of my favourite NCIS episodes. I don’t like Red Cell any less now, but with another hundred episodes to choose from I have more favourites. Not entirely sure why I like it. It’s one of the last ones with Kate, and probably just about the last ‘normal’ episode of hers.

The team - Red Cell

I know why I’m bringing it up now, though. I’m in university mode, and this is one of the college setting episodes. It’s got one of the geekiest geeks imaginable, and in actual fact he doesn’t fit in with the navy/marine-turned-student idea, but I suspect they just needed a geek quite badly.

Di Nozzo and Gibbs - Red Cell

Funny bit where Gibbs and Co break into a house with very scantily dressed female students. Do people really do things like that? The parties, not the breaking in, I mean. Not sure why crying women are so scary to a brave man.

Gibbs - Red Cell

It’s one where Kate and DiNozzo are arguing about spring break and frat parties, driving Gibbs demented with their childishness. I like the end where he threatens to fire the first one to utter just one more thing about anything college related. And they get it. Maybe Gibbs is more worked up because he’s just had a fight with the bad guy.

Gibbs - Red Cell

And unfortunately bad guy has provided Daughter with a new phrase that she still uses. She uses it sufficiently frequently that I catch myself using it, or at least thinking it. Grrr.

(Photos © CBS)


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