The boy Who waited

Stone Henge

‘Come on Ponds!’ I suppose they broke the unwritten (or are they?) rules for time travel with having two of the same person at the same time. Not just two Amys, but two Doctors. Or sort of. Even two sonic screwdrivers. Sort of.

I’d like to think that they developed the plot as they went along, during this season of Doctor Who. They couldn’t know from the start that we’d like Rory so much. And were they intending Amy to get married, or was adventuring with the Doctor intended to be her way out?

A love – or two – that will never die, plastic suitor or not. Very romantic. And for a forgetful girl, Amy remembered as much as she needed to in the end. Except possibly those parents, and whoever said parents were important?

Rory, The Doctor and Amy

Fez and top hat. That’s at least one piece of headgear too many. Not sure I think the flower pot look is the right one for the Doctor.

The young Amy was even braver than the slightly older one. If that’s possible.

Little Amy

It’s goodbye.


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