Weather Girl

Another birthday present, from the girl who knows what a witch is likely to need. Weather Girl will probably never make it to British cinemas, so importing the DVD was a good move. I suspected it wasn’t going to be a very good movie, however. But, the script was far better than you’d think, and although the plot is exactly what you’d expect, the film is quite enjoyable.

Weather Girl, Mark Harmon and Kaitlin Olson

Television weather girl Sylvia breaks up with her ghastly boyfriend, co-presenter Dale, on the live breakfast show, and she doesn’t mince words when she tells viewers how she found out he’d been sleeping with the other co-presenter on the show. Dale is a very off-putting sleazy smiler, television type, sort of handsome man, with no brains, and Mark Harmon plays him pretty well. Daughter and I were ready to strangle the idiot every time he was on screen. I gather Mark based Dale on a number of presenters he’s come across. All teeth and dreadful hair and inflated ego.

Out of work and with no money to pay the rent, Sylvia moves in with her younger brother Walt for a while. His best friend Byron (really…) spends most of his time in the flat and falls for Sylvia. And you can work out how it goes from there on.

Weather Girl, Patrick J Adams, Tricia O'Kelley and Ryan Devlin

Hilarious scene where Sylvia and Walt and Byron go to retrieve her possessions and find Dale in bed with her replacement. Nice bit of sitcom stuff as Sylvia chats to her ‘best’ friends, and the date they arrange for her is probably depressingly realistic.

I didn’t find Patrick J Adams and Tricia O’Kelley terribly suited as a couple, but that might just be me. And their real age difference is a lot more than in the script. When I see Patrick I only see a snivelly NCIS villain, cute though he may be.

It rains a lot in Seattle.


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