Hiatus – NCIS style

It’s funny how, even with a favourite television series, there are episodes you almost avoid. I wouldn’t say we go out of our way to do the avoiding, but between us Daughter and I manage to have episodes we choose less often. Hiatus in season three is one of them. So when I was on my own last week, I took advantage of my travel exile and watched both parts of Hiatus.

Ducky and co

Abby in Hiatus


Mike Franks

Gibbs and Ziva

Gibbs and the team


I have a real problem with the title, foreigner that I am. It sounds like it should mean something violent. (I’ll ‘hiatus’ you, you dirty soandso…) But it means pause. So, even the title is appropriate now that we are having our enforced summer NCIS hiatus.

Anyway, I quite like Hiatus, apart from when poor Gibbs hopes Shannon is still alive, which is painful to see. And I can’t decide whether seeing Mike Franks portrayed as younger or Gibbs as a younger man is the worst. Bad hair dye, say I.

Now we’ve seen the end of season seven, the happenings in Hiatus are more relevant than ever.

Noticed that both Gibbs (season seven) and Ziva wash their faces to hide the signs that they’ve been shedding tears.

And the scenes in the hospital where both the Director and Abby try to get past the nurse to intensive care, are hilarious. Jenny is impressive enough looking like she might shoot (why, when there’s Condi to phone?), but Abby is priceless going on about her hearse and emptying out her bag. It’s one of her better monologues, out of all 162 NCISes.

There was a suggestion at the time that we might see the doctor again, but we never did. He’d have been good for Jenny.

Now I need to identify more avoided episodes, because one thing about watching them, is that they feel a lot fresher since we’ve not played them over and over, like some.

(Photos © CBS)


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