From the Earth to the Moon

I may have hinted at birthdays and stuff recently? I also hinted (towards Offspring) what I would like, should they be so very generous as to be buying me presents. One such hint was the complete From the Earth to the Moon DVD set, because I really am so nerdy that I need to watch it again. And with Daughter similarly afflicted, it seemed not unlikely that she would take the bait.

She did.

Having been told not to miss episode two (since we did last year) the first thing (well, almost) I did on returning to Witch Towers was open my presents and to sit down and watch the first couple of programmes. The second episode was very sad, and I can remember it from the news back in 1967. There was some handholding required yesterday when the worst happened.

We will now proceed to watch all the rest all over again. I like birthday presents when they are as right as this one.

2 responses to “From the Earth to the Moon

  1. Another Anne

    My favourite has always been the lunar module one, for some reason.

    But I’m glad you’ve finally seen Apollo 1, if only for Kevin Pollak slowly falling to pieces.

  2. I take it you’ve been sitting there waiting ten months for me to post about this?

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