I looked at the painting on the wall. First thought was that is was ‘nice’. Second thought was that it looked rather like a van Gogh. Third thought went along the lines that it was a van Gogh.

Yes, I know it was unlikely, seeing as the wall was my wall in the room where I stayed while I did a year at the University of Sussex, many many years ago. I went closer to the painting. It had the textured surface of real oil. But it couldn’t be? Could it?

Didn’t feel it was quite proper to ask my host family, so discussed it with others on my course. They reckoned the way to find out was to steal it and see what happened. I didn’t, and settled for simply enjoying the view of the yellow field opposite my bed. Eventually the subject came up with my hosts, and I was assured it wasn’t real.

Vincent van Gogh - Doctor Who

I was reminded of this when I caught up with last week’s Doctor Who, featuring the lovely Vincent. Why he was Scottish I don’t know, but it was a fun episode. Relieved to see neither the Doctor nor Amy helped themselves to a genuine van Gogh while they were at it.

5 responses to “Vincent

  1. Bill Nighy was fantastic in Dr Who too.. Shame there wasn’t more of him.. As always happy to have him on my tv.. lol..

    Great episode, watched it again on Sunday.. And yes i would have taken a painting, If offered, silly Amy! Lol.. Stary, stary night, would have been my prefered favorites.

  2. Yes, Bill Nighy was good. We were left having a little discussion on how to pronounce his name, as ‘someone’ insisted on adding an ‘l’ in the middle of it.

    I ended up humming Starry Starry Night to myself, which was rather lost on the younger generation. Has nobody heard of Don MacLean?

  3. I always have to double check when write Nighy! As i have an urge to put Nighey!! :-/

    I had the poster on my wall of Starry Starry Night, when i was younger, and looked at it every night as i drifted off to sleep..

    Aww i love that song, & Don MacLean.. I still get emotional when i listen to “The Grave”

  4. I had the café scene on my wall. I’m sure it’s my fondness for cake at all times that made me like it.

    Let’s agree to call him Bill. That surname definitely has room for an extra letter or two somewhere in the middle.

  5. Lol.. Aaah yes, no doubt.. Looking at that, you can just smell the coffee wafting from the cafe..

    Ha! Yes good thinking, Bill it is. Its funny as i found were always trying to shorten people’s names, however when some one has a short name already we have to lengthen it..?! Lol..

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