Simultaneous speech

If you can bear Mark Harmon being interviewed in German, with the simultaneous interpreter out-talking him most of the time, then head over to this site. Mark looks like he understands German, he tries some very foul coffee and he has to play a toy game of soccer. Though it sounds like he reckons he’s better at computers than Gibbs is. Not that that is saying a lot.

And I’m so glad I don’t watch NCIS dubbed.


2 responses to “Simultaneous speech

  1. This is why I don’t watch much non-German television these days – the dubbing is painful.

    I’m assuming someone else is whispering the translation into Harmon’s ear-piece – it’s standard practice to have this sort of odd German-English conversation unless you’ve got some sort of live arena show, when the host generally manages a bit of English. (Lionel Ritchie and Andrew Lloyd Weber were recent ‘victims’.)

    Simultaneous translation is really hard to do – I dabble occasionally, and am always embarassed by my efforts. (Luckily, the usual recipients are my relatives, and they’re pleasingly grateful for any help!)

  2. I know how hard it is! It used to be a dream of mine, many years ago, but I woke up to reality.

    At least fans of Mark Harmon’s are used to this. I really hated the interview with Roger Whittaker, conducted in English, and then carefully dubbed back to German. When you love a singer for his voice, dubbing seems the last thing to do.

    Having heard how well this year’s Eurovision winner spoke in English, I feel it’s time to make the move soon.

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