The music crossword

Having made my way to Sweden again, I was in the perfect position to listen to and solve the music crossword on the radio this morning. Except I slept in, and only did what I normally do, which is read the blog written by Enn Kokk. He does this crossword every week, and blogs about it immediately, complete with all the right answers. He’s a music fan, so knows a lot, but then good old google can help with some of the pieces he doesn’t know.

Basically, they play a record and will then want to know anything from the simple answer of who the singer is, to a preposition in the song title in another language. Or some obscure fact about the composer of the piece. I was never any good at it. I had an uncle who knew a lot of the right answers, and his problem was that he didn’t speak English, so couldn’t spell English words or names.

The reason I’m even thinking about Melodikrysset, as it’s called, is that I’m currently in Enn’s hometown of Uppsala. It’s refreshing to find someone who still sits down religiously every Saturday, first to listen and then to blog, at a time when it feels like every single thing people used to do has given way to some other activity. If I still lived here; would I solve Melodikrysset every week? I might, if I could get out of bed.

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