Idle speculation

A randomly chosen episode of NCIS for Sunday lunch, provided an old(er) reference to the Reynosa drugs cartel. The question is how far back we can find little clues, or if it’s just been the more recent part of season 7. Anyway, thanks to Daughter we lunched with Gibbs and his Mother-in-law, the one which earned itself the ‘worst ever episode’ prize when it was first aired. Hindsight helped a lot, we found.

The Reynosas were mentioned, now that we know that it’s the Mexican clues we are looking for. Between them Gibbs and M-in-law have tried to do away with their share of drugs related people, which isn’t going to prove very healthy in the near future.

More speculation about the final season 7 episode can be found here. Looks like maybe I should stick the complete list of rules on my wall, to help me behave. Though there are always exceptions to rules, I find.

Michael Weatherly hasn’t had his contract renewed. Yet. I believe the same goes for David McCallum and Sean Murray, and I’d say it’s a fairly safe bet they aren’t planning on repopulating all of NCIS with new talent in September.

Pauley Perrette has done red-page scenes, which seem to be particularly secret scenes. Shoot the scene and then eat the script, kind of thing. And most likely she’s not the only one. Haven’t come across the suggestion that more than one ending has been shot, but wouldn’t put it past them. As long as they air the right one this week.

A quick look at this week’s promo on YouTube doesn’t give much away. Thirty seconds of whirlwind shootings, threats and comments.


2 responses to “Idle speculation

  1. McCallum is signed to return, I’ll bet that Weatherly and Murray will be returning. Not sure about Perette.

  2. Don’t think we could cope without Abby.

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