Amy’s choice

A bit Shakespearian, I felt, although I forget now at which particular moment I had that very profound thought. And a real bonus for using older actors. More than one at a time. And as the Doctor said to one of them ‘you’re really old’. Not sure that the phrase ‘natural wastage’ was a terribly pc observation, but true anyway.

Very old people

As most comments about last night’s Doctor Who have said, this was a pretty good one. I’m not one of those who have complained the last few weeks. I’m happy most of the time, but this was notably superior. I’d like to say that I was right in my choice about which dream was a dream, but even though I was, I was only partly right. Just like everyone else.

Rory, Amy, the Dream Lord and the Doctor

The Doctor, Amy and Rory

Not too sure about the poncho look, and they wouldn’t have been terribly warm under the circumstances. The ponytail, no. Absolutely not. And exactly how many scared villagers can you fit into a VW campervan?

It was rather romantic, too, wasn’t it? Amy definitely knows how to get the better of her two boys. Good for her.

I’m just going to shove some old people off my roof.


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