Back to Los Angeles

Just because I haven’t blogged about NCIS: Los Angeles for some time doesn’t mean I’ve not been watching. I have. I sort of just decided to bide my time and wait and see. I have waited. I have seen.





Dom and Sam

And they are being brave-ish over in LA. It would have been too much to expect a happy ending for poor Dom, even though Daughter liked him so much. But now at least we have closure, as people like to say. First they went and got themselves a replacement for him. That was a big hint. And then when we knew they’d find Dom again, they sent replacement off on some undefined case somewhere, so that there would be no embarrassment.

In Found they seemed to be recycling parts of something like five different episodes of NCIS. There was the rooftop shoot-out. Ended no happier than it did for Ari and Kate. There was the feel of Truth or Consequences and Good Cop, Bad Cop. And a variety of others. It would have been a letdown to have Dom safe and sound and everything back to normal.

And in Hunted I wondered if they wanted to put Letty out to pasture as well, but maybe not. Getting close to the end of the season and we viewers need to feel the pinch a wee bit. Will it all go well? Will we see him/her back in September? And I do love it when Hetty stares into Director Vance’s stomach. Small and fierce.

Quite like Dom’s replacement Deeks. There was a certain feel to him even before we knew he was a ‘good guy’. Name suggests he’s Dane.

(Photos © CBS)


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