NCIS – Borderland

Abby and Mini-Pow

McGee and Abby





Crikey! Poor Abby! Damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Wouldn’t want to be in her boots, even if the drugs cartel lady liked them.

What goes round comes round. It really does.

I’m beginning to think that my prayers won’t necessarily be answered by having Ms Hart cease to be. This will be a lot worse than that, which in turn means that my summer will be less comfortable than it should be, and watching re-runs will not be as satisfying as it could be.

We should always trust Abby. If she says something is a bad omen, then chances are she’s correct. I mean, a Mini-Pow? What can a girl do with something that small? Not that size matters. In the least. Objectively speaking. Her Gibbs-o-meter worked just fine, too. As did her saying that her escort could be anyone ‘as long as it’s not McGee’. How could she? Not only was it not kind, but you just know that when you say something of the sort, then it happens.

Slight over-indulgence with stock phrases in Spanish. There are only so many ¡holas! and ¿como estáses? a witch can cope with. But maybe the effect of Alejandro does that even to Abby. ‘Agent McGoo, no?’ Poor boy. Especially after overdoing it on the yoghurt front.

If DiNozzo will retreat to silliness again after last week’s beautiful DiNozzo, he’ll just have to put up with his stupid Random Chatting not going well. “A little self respect’ would be good, as Gibbs said.

Rule no. 40 is a hard one. And the question is whether Gibbs who has always had Abby’s back, will continue to have her back? ‘No matter what.’

Gibbs and Abby

I have a theory as to who has to be killed off. And I have theories about other stuff too. All are so bad I’m shutting up. Now.

(Photos  © CBS)

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