Vampires of Venice

Getting a little tired of all the complaints about Doctor Who being disappointing. It is a children’s programme. Doesn’t mean it wants to be either bad or simple, but the sophistication adult viewers are after may not be right. I did not watch Doctor Who in the olden days, so I have nothing to compare with. And I rather wonder if the adults who moan now, were children or teenagers then, and more easily impressed than they are now.

Anyway, I continue to enjoy it. This time I laughed when Amy’s Rory asked the Doctor if ‘he kissed her back’. ‘No, I kissed her mouth’ said the good Doctor. It’s such an obvious pun, but I have to admit to this being my first time.

Vampires of Venice

Venice keeps cropping up in fiction these days, and this one reminded me of Michelle Lovric’s city in The Undrowned Child, with unexpected creatures lurking in the water.

I hope we’ll see more of Rory. Does the fact that it’s his stag night mean that his dreadful t-shirt will have to keep returning as well? Quite frankly, it looked better on Venetian Guido, even if it was a few hundred years out of sync.

Vampires of Venice

Those teeth were impressive. Not scary enough to cause adults nightmares, much, but will probably do it for children. Some children, anyway.


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