NCIS – Obsession

How many friends can you possibly have? Well, DiNozzo’s ‘friend’ has 2412 of them, but she’s a red herring. In Obsession DiNozzo gets his very own ‘dead man walking’, except it’s not a man, because it’s about DiNozzo. And we know what he likes.

Give me her phone number; McGee and DiNozzo

Alejandro and Abby

Ducky and Palmer

DiNozzo and Dana Hutton

Gibbs and DiNozzo

Gibbs and Hart

We also know what I don’t like and that is dear M Allison Hart, again. Having achieved temporary employee status at NCIS, I’m rather hoping it will be her who gets killed off at the end of the series. It would solve a lot. Other than that, Ms Hart was only in this episode to pave the way for Mexico in two weeks’ time. And possibly to annoy Abby.

She  – Abby, that is – gets her hand kissed a lot, by smooth Alejandro, from that very same Mexico. Maybe the symposium is there to get Abby to be present when whatever happens happens. So far Alejandro was ‘encantado’. Which is nice for him.

Palmer is really on top, worrying about Ducky worrying, and going in early to work out how the dead body died, seeing it/he was quite well, apart from being dead. Slapping Ducky quite so enthusiastically might count as going too far, but it was rather sweet to see Ducky assisting Palmer. And looking proud that his ‘boy’ had worked it out.

When the ex-boyfriend turned out to be British we all wondered if it was another case of the Brit being the one whodunnit. Lovely as our British villains are, it gets a wee bit tedious on occasion.

But let’s not forget poor DiNozzo, who suddenly works up a nice obsession with the missing sister of the dead body. She’s everything he’s always looked for in a woman. This is a great DiNozzo episode, with our joker being mature and almost everything we know he can be. He does his research quietly and works out what to do, and makes the missing lady not so missing.

But then there is the old KGB poison, and how lovely to have the Markov umbrella incident recycled. At least Gibbs gets to do an arrest in Russian. Sometimes I wish I knew Russian so I could hear how Mark Harmon does. And sometimes I’m grateful I don’t, so I don’t have to.

Lovely heart-to-heart in Gibbs’s basement between him and DiNozzo, who has ‘broken rule number ten again’. It’s the one Gibbs also has the most trouble with, which is a brave admission from someone strong and silent, not to mention downright surly. It even warrants whisky in the nail jar. Or is it screws?

The other Hart in the basement with Gibbs is promising insofar that he ponders that he doesn’t ‘know when I may need to saw a lady in half’. He has a candidate right there.

(Photos © CBS)


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