Post Cool

Dennis Locorriere mentioned how not cool he is, and that’s a sentiment I share. Not that he’s not cool, but that I’m not. As well. We can be un-cool ‘together’. It’s not often – I imagine – that pop stars feel a certain level of un-coolness. In fact, I was almost flabbergasted to hear that Dennis doesn’t drive. Can you really be his age and American and not drive?

So, that was his reason for calling the latest album Post Cool, which would seem to be when you’re just generally past it. I think it’s actually quite a cool not cool description.

Post Cool

Now that I’ve had time to listen to Post Cool in the comfort of my own home, and all that, I like it as much as I knew I would. It’s just that on first hearing songs at a concert, I’m never good with new. There are tracks I like less, but most are very enjoyable and some are positively wonderful.

She Don’t Care is great, and so is I’m Impressed With Myself. And I love Ask Her.

And no doubt, after longer still with Post Cool, I will discover even more about it. I’m just slightly puzzled because iTunes are shuffling the tracks of my albums at the moment. (No need to write in; I’m sure it’s a setting I’ve disturbed and it’s all my fault.)

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