NCIS – Moonlighting

Palmer's henna tattoo

Poor Palmer has commitment issues and can’t even put stickers in places. And he’s itching and scratching. The ‘sand mite might bite’, but it didn’t. Funny coincidence that Palmer was having his own PPD-style moment the same week I decided enough’s enough.

McGee and Susan Grady

But he does have a girlfriend, which is more than can be said for McGee, and he should know better than to improve on the truth when it’s the polygraph lady who lusts after him. I do think poor Agent Grady is wrong for our Tim, but he should still be open about his reluctance. Abby is certainly totally honest in her obvious disapproval of her rival.

Agents Grady and Gibbs

Gibbs's lap

Gibbs had witness issues, reducing him to ‘simple-speak’ with the dudes, ‘words – use them – helpful words’. And ‘where are you thinking of clipping that thing’ to Agent Grady, when she got surprisingly intimate with a part of Gibbs’s trousers. But then she was voted ‘least likely to take a hint’ at school. Do Americans really have a category like that?

Quite a lot of fun words in interesting combinations this time; Ducky to Palmer ‘if you’ve finished your multispecies insensitivity’, and Director Vance to Agent Fornell (yay, he’s back!) re possible surveillance in the elevator ‘when we do, you’ll be the first to know’. And Vance to Gibbs ‘we all make mistakes and that’s why God invented knocking’. So true.

Moonlighting, which is what Agent Grady did, was one of those satisfyingly funny and family centred episodes, and sufficiently enjoyable almost to make up for the three week wait.


Almost. Don’t do it again, any time soon.

(Photos © CBS)

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