The Time of Angels

I was going to wait until next week. After all, what’s the point blogging about half an episode? But as those Facebook nerds said – immediately – it was quite a good one. So I can at least put a couple of photos on here.

Amy, the Doctor and River Song

Those angels were actually quite creepy last time round, and with Amy rubbing her eyes, I now have an urge to do likewise. The clerics were almost Philip Pullman-ish, and sacred Bob went to being scared Bob. There was the quote, which I don’t remember perfectly, but it was something about a verger and his explosives.

The Doctor and Father Octavian

I’m content to wait for next week’s instalment, but Daughter has theories. Well, she’s allowed to.


4 responses to “The Time of Angels

  1. ah. but the last time around it was really really brilliant. they’d better surprise us next week. btw have you read rhiannon lassiter’s scary book? there are weeping angel type characters there – except they’re dolls. very very creepy. i loved it.

  2. Could be that things aren’t so scary when you meet them a second time. It’s the shock of something new.

    I think I’m even more scared of Rhiannon’s books than I am of her mother….

  3. Was it something like ‘Verger, how are you doing with the explosives?’ (Although anything other than the first and last words of a sentence like that doesn’t really matter…)

  4. That’s about right! I was wondering if I’d have to watch it again to write it down.

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