…and he’s got their backs, too…

I might have been too hasty writing off Mark Harmon in interviews a while back. It seems the man does have things to say other than the oft repeated stuff I complained about. Ten days ago Mark was on Tavis Smiley, which is on the public broadcasting service network. And that makes quite a difference. Tavis Smiley conducted an intelligent interview, showing new sides to our Gibbs.

Mark looked relaxed, there was no audience laughing to order, and he and Tavis shook hands, rather than the fake hugs you always seem to get. (It’s almost a case of hugging those we know the least, in this back-to-front world. In which case I’d be happy not to know Mark very well…)

This actually follows on very neatly from my post about The Blind Side the other day. That’s where Michael learned to look out for his family, be they adopted family or football team. He had their backs, which is what matters in the end.

That matters to Mark, too. Oh, I knew he had some interest in politics, after Son came home from his class in politics, saying they’d watched a fundraising film for Hilary Clinton, which seemed to have Mark Harmon in it. When filming NCIS it’s more important to ‘get the ball to the guy who could do the most with it’. Correction, that was while playing football, but it’s a sentiment he sticks to on his current day job as well.

‘No one does it alone’ and that’s why Mark is more interested in keeping NCIS going, so that the 270 jobs there are safe. That’s the kind of solidarity that you hardly ever expect to find anywhere these days, let alone in Hollywood. As he tells Tavis, he works for the network; they are the boss.

Maybe one day Tavis’s dream will come true, and Leroy Jethro Gibbs will turn out to have been black all this time, whereas Mark likes the fact that the NCIS characters get to ‘keep their secrets’. Well put. I think that’s what we like too.

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