What’s wrong with Daleks?

I don’t get it. It seems Daughter is not alone in moaning about the return of the Daleks. Facebook is moaning, too. But why shouldn’t we have them? They are the bad guys, right? So they need to recur every now and then for the good Doctor to fight.

I know we supposedly got rid of them, but who’d believe a thing like that? This evening’s Daleks were fun, I thought. The army coloured ones offering people tea in my teacups were almost sweet. The colourful ones were, well, colourful. Yes, they were bad. It’s how baddies are.

Bill Paterson in Doctor Who

Loved Bill Paterson’s Bracewell. I was so pleased things went reasonably well for him, despite it looking iffy for a while.

Was a little surprised that Amy’s miniskirt didn’t cause mayhem among the WWII military. Where was their sense of propriety?

Amy and the Doctor

And I never knew a jammy dodger looked like that. It was more like a Singoalla biscuit to me, but what does a foreigner know?

2 responses to “What’s wrong with Daleks?

  1. re miniskirt

    i thought it was remarkable that it didn’t prompt even a glance from the military.

    and i’m sorry bookwitch but i can’t stand the daleks either! even in the united colours of benneton!

  2. OK, but we need something/somebody bad. Do we prefer new bad to old, traditional bad, then?

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