The Beast Below

That would be the Terry Pratchett style creature, then. And above him a community much like the Glasgow in Julie Bertagna’s Exodus, except this one was the whole country. England, not Scotland, obviously. They do their own thing these days. And could the scriptwriters really have known that this would screen just at the time a new election has been announced?

Amy and the Doctor

When you see the Demon Headmaster, you know what he’s going to be like. Every time I tell myself he’s a vegetarian, so must really be quite nice… And speaking of schools; do school children of all centuries have to be dressed in our style of school uniform? It’s just not likely. Is it?

Lift problems, Doctor Who

I do hope nobody with a lift phobia was watching this evening’s Doctor Who. It’s your worst nightmare, or pretty close. Though I suppose that was the intention. Queen Liz appears to have been informed of every detail about the Doctor, down to a quote about his hair, which I’ve already managed to forget, but it was apt.

Queen Liz, Doctor Who

Personally I enjoyed this episode, but having looked at Facebook very briefly it seems it didn’t meet with everyone’s approval. When will people realise it’s a children’s programme?

(Photos © BBC)

5 responses to “The Beast Below

  1. Still less of a political statement than broadcasting Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix over on ITV!

    Liz 10 was fab though. Presumably they’d taken the Torchwood files into space?

  2. No, didn’t you hear what she said? Because she is in the royal blood line, the stories have just been passed down each generation. All the things she mentioned have happened with a member of the royal family present. Queen Victoria, Elizabeth 1 and Elizabeth 2 have all been in a Doctor Who episode at some point.

  3. The hair, of course, is not always the same. Especially seeing as ‘we’ now have brand new hair.

  4. I laughed at the bit where they said Scotland had ‘separated’ and gone off on its own – did that mean we had our own space whale?

    The helter-skelter down the waste chutes felt familiar!

    I am amazed at how quickly I’ve bonded with the newbie Doctor and Amy – and, like you, flummoxed by the number of comments from adults that it’s all a bit juvenile, what with all the child characters and the Doctor eating fishfingers and custard, all so childish…. doh!

  5. You’ll just have to be pleased they wanted to copy your idea. Maybe you could ask for a financial contribution?

    Just saw some rubbish being spouted on the Guardian TV blog as well, regarding age of intended viewers. But then most people over there are anti children, so who’d want to watch a children’s show?

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