The girl Who waited

It made a change that I could work a few things out before they ‘happened’, on the brand new Doctor Who. I think it’s because I’m cleverer, but I could be wrong about being right. Whatever, I liked the new, not totally baked Doctor. Though neither my cooking nor my baking tend to clutch their hearts and go on about it. But our new Doctor is a man (nothing new there) and young, so probably doesn’t suffer in silence.

Matt Smith as Doctor Who

I think people have been far too hung up on David Tennant, and forgetting that he was created by scriptwriters. So no reason at all why a new Doctor can’t be as loveable. And as I reminded Daughter before it started, we have seen Matt Smith in a couple of things before and liked him.

The Eleventh Hour was a pretty good beginning. Scary, but not behind-the-sofa scary. I expect that may come next week.

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan

And we may not have a female Doctor – yet – but Amy is feisty and will make up for their lack of forward thinking in that department. I hope she will be a real thorn (the nice kind, obviously) in her companion’s side. Teach him to be late, if nothing else. Hope she hung on to the handcuffs.

(Photos © BBC)


2 responses to “The girl Who waited

  1. I sort of regret that we don’t have non-21st-century non-young-pretty-and-female Doctor’s assistants any more. But at least they’ve finally thought up a dynamic for the two of them which is a bit different from the Rose Tyler surrogates!

  2. If there wasn’t so much running involved, I’d be happy to do the job.

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