Walk the Line

Time flies. I thought maybe it was a couple of years since Walk the Line was in the cinemas, but it seems it’s more like five. I never had the time to catch it while it was on then, so it made for good Saturday night viewing last week. Even Daughter sat with me, despite it being ‘history’.

Walk the Line

I had thought – and hoped – that Joaquin Phoenix would be dubbed for the singing. He wasn’t. Now, he did a good job, but as we both agreed, it wasn’t Johnny Cash singing. And Johnny Cash had a very special voice. So did June Carter, and Reese Witherspoon didn’t sound like June.

But we got used to it. Singing aside, it was good. I didn’t really know the details of Johnny’s past; more like a vague idea of what happened. And he may not have sung or looked exactly like Johnny, but Joaquin moved like him.

Walk the Line

Strange to think that when I saw them live in Gothenburg, it wasn’t that many years after the film ended.

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