Dennis Locorriere at the Lowry

Words will have to be eaten, but I’m not hungry this very minute so will eat them a little later. Like after I’ve slept. There is only so much blogging a witch can do after midnight.

Dennis Locorriere at the Lowry on Monday night was full of old people, as Daughter said with a shudder. Who’d have thought that I’d still be here, listening to Dennis, almost forty years on? Daughter’s presence lowered the average age considerably, and she wanted to hide when finding herself at the same concert as school staff. A girl has to have standards, and that is why I took her along. High time she was introduced properly to Dennis and his voice.

Speaking of that out-of-this-world voice, I’d like to give the following advice: Don’t shout when you sing, Dennis. Not that I’m a music expert, but that voice was meant to seduce, and not sound like its owner is under attack. Leave the shouting to those who need it.

It must be quite hard to decide who to be, when there is the very successful past with Doctor Hook, and then all the years since then, being Dennis Locorriere. He lectured us a little, on the necessity of learning to love new songs, because once even Sylvia’s Mother was brand new. (I know, but I loved it immediately.) So we got a mix of new and old songs, starting with a couple of new ones.

I liked some of the new songs, and I know I will like them better when I’ve heard them more. But I did like the old songs best, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in that. When someone else does a cover version of an old song, there is some sense behind giving it a new interpretation. Making it yours, in some way. I’d say that Dennis doesn’t need to reinvent Doctor Hook songs. We like them as they were, and if singing softly worked OK 35 years ago, there is no need to shout because it’s 2010.

More Like the Movies is a bit of a favourite, so I loved hearing it. But no need for shouting. Queen of the Silver Dollar is fine being loud. It was a good choice for the first final song. Would have worked well as the final final song, too. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan is a great late song, and another possible candidate for final number.

I didn’t feel like taking notes, as I was enjoying listening to Dennis, so have no complete song list. Neither did I feel able to spend £5 on a programme.

The lighthearted banter with the fans is a sign of having a faithful fan base, and both sides were adept at improvising. Innuendo is fun in the right circumstances, but perhaps leave the ex-wives out of it?

Strobe lighting. Yes. I could say a lot about that. Without would be an improvement, but since it was there, I’ll just say that I was the one with a hand over my face. And that means no applause from my fair hands. Sorry. Self defence, you know. But the long strands of toilet paper was a nice touch as stage decorations!

Dennis Locorriere at The Lowry

If public transport in Manchester was decent, we could have hung around for an autograph afterwards. We were well placed to make it out first, but couldn’t make use of our advantage. I trust the photo ban didn’t carry through to the foyer. I can see that a ban is useful if people disturb others, but as it was, it was the member of staff who pushed past us to chastise a lady on my left for getting her camera out, who disturbed. Having to make way for an usher treading on people’s toes, just as Dennis came on stage, rather ruined the occasion for those of us in the firing line. And the lady on my right wasn’t told off for recording a song. It’s worth considering that a concert is something a lot of people have looked forward to for a long time.

6 responses to “Dennis Locorriere at the Lowry

  1. I was at the Lowry show too last night but your post seems to be about a different show to the one I saw.

    The audience was varied, how can it be anything other than that for an Artist who has been top drawer for 40 years now – I saw plenty of differing demography there sure there were older people than I but also plenty of people my own age too – how ridiculous would you not expect people of all ages to be at Glastonbury of the Cup Final – and it was a great crowd who unanimously loved the show from what my senses told me – The standing ovation, which I might add was well deserved, was proof of that and the comments from the venue staff I spoke to about the show bore testimony to the quality of the concert – they do see everything which comes in.

    Ridiculous to imagine that Dennis would be responsible for theatre policy, ushers and Manchester’s public transport – ever tried getting home when the Metro goes down at 9.45 pm it is a nightmare and usually accompanied by a football match being on to compound the situation – We can’t blame the Americans for that.

    The whole of your posting was negative when from what I saw for everyone else there the whole experience was positive. This just shows how much we need regulation on the internet and that only people who are qualified to do so should put things in front of others as if journalism – This was a complete and utter misrepresentation of events.

    Dennis Locorriere’s performance was exemplorary as was the band the sound and lighting ( and Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders ) a fantastic musical evening in fact and if you can’t accept that creatively Artists have to move on then I can see no value in your self appointed role as a critic – Being a critic does not actually mean you have to invent criticisms you know.

    The new songs are beautifully crafted, strong, humorous at times and poignant and to suggest that people with a history should just stick to it would be rather like me suggesting that you go back to your ex husband as I liked you more when you were with him – always that is provided you have or had one or the metaphor is redundant.


  2. Hi Jay,
    You won’t believe me when I say this , but I’m very pleased with your reaction and your comment in general. Thank you for taking the time, and as your comment is long, I’ll do a longish reply.
    First, I liked last night.
    Second, if you knew me and my blogs as a regular, you would recognise the tone and the lack of reverence towards my ‘betters’. Also, the joke with age is that when you’re a teenager, everybody else is old.
    Never accused either Dennis or the Lowry for the public transport; it was simply a reflection on circumstance, where you run to get home at all that night. Did feel that the usher starting in on my row of seats for some ‘telling off’ at the time she did it, was badly judged. You presumably weren’t sitting behind us, or you may have agreed.
    I hardly ever say nasty things in my blogs, as I feel I may as well shut up when things are bad, and I have always hated it when ‘properly trained’ journalists are over negative about something I’ve loved. Many bloggers love being negative, but I generally do this for the people and things I love. Dennis is one of these.
    Yes, the new songs were good. I just have this personal thing that I always like everything better the second time. Illogical, but that’s me, which is why I said I’d like them more after a few more listens.
    I really don’t like it when Dennis shouts, because his voice is so gorgeous that it’s counter productive.
    As for last song choice, I want it to be one where I hate leaving the room, because it’s so perfect. It wasn’t for me last night.
    As for Andy, I haven’t mentioned him in the post because he deserves his own blog post. I think you’ll like that one better. It’ll be up either later tonight or in the morning.
    Not all concerts, even with my absolute favourites, are perfect. This one was good and enjoyable, but I’ve heard Dennis in better concerts. The same goes for my all time favourite, Roger Whittaker. One of his concerts really left me disappointed. That can be because something wasn’t so good, or just because it didn’t happen to meet my personal needs.
    I’m happy you loved last night.

  3. Regulation of the internet, Jay? You mean against people such as yourself who give no more than a cursory glance to the content of a blog before slating it at length? By the simple fact that this is a blog rather than a newspaper, you should expect opinion. Oddly enough, not everyone in the world agrees with one another. If you see no value in “self-appointed critics” writing about events in the past, why on earth are you reading a blog in the first place?

  4. Had another thought, Jay. I assume you’re male, and not in the slightest attracted to Dennis? What I said about his voice being seductive assumes the listener is female. I think. And I like a voice to seduce, and judging by some of the banter with the ladies in the audience, they were all halfway into bed with him.

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