New Roger Whittaker album!

So viele Jahre mit Euch

Yay! Not that it was that dreadfully long since Roger Whittaker had a new CD out, but we are happy anyway. It is called So viele Jahre mit Euch, and as the sharpest of you will have noticed, it’s yet another German one.

It was only out last week and as always I’m impressed by the large internet shop, German branch, which sends stuff out fast. I’m listening to it for the second time in just over an hour, and I like it.

Now, it may seem obvious that I would, but I’m awkward that way. I take a while to get used to things, but this is great from track one, the first time. There is in fact something about many of the music intros that feels familiar. It’s got some good country tunes, and they’re all new, but I still wriggle along thinking I know them.

As for Roger’s voice, it’s the same dark and sexy one that he developed a few years ago.

One response to “New Roger Whittaker album!

  1. Dark and sexy voice is right! So few of those voices, anymore. And he’s still a handsome devil 🙂

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