NCIS – Jurisdiction


Di Nozzo was glad he wasn’t Ziva’s Valentine, and so was she. As her fans have already noted, her hair looked good this time. I know that’s a shallow kind of observation, but why do they mess with her hair so much? This is seriously great, and Ziva should be allowed it more often.

Fun sort of scrabble for the keys to the NCIS van. Childish, but Daddy Gibbs is on it. (Is it a van in American English? I’m getting muddled.) I’d say he had a cold again. Mark Harmon, I mean, because Gibbs has never had a cold in his life.

Scrabble for car keys

Glad to see that Sophie has already been got rid of. Anyone who doesn’t know how to treat Mrs Mallard’s silver doesn’t deserve our Ducky. In the dishwasher! Honestly. Back to bow ties.

Abby was off her game. How dare they meddle with the recipe for her CafPow? Speaking of Abby, Gibbs only needs one. But at least the two Abbys shook hands on being Abby.


The second Abby was a CGIS agent, which is Coast Guard police to you. They’re not as easy to fool as you’d think, and the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ situation for DiNozzo and Gibbs was fun. I mean, you could tell they were agents, but which ones from the alphabet soup?

Gibbs, Abigail Borin and Ziva

As Son said on the phone this morning, we were back to a good episode this week. The kind of NCIS we love and want all the time. At this rate I’ll have to turn even more nerdish and start keeping tabs of who writes which episode, to see if the answer to good or less good lies there.

(Photos © CBS)

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