NCIS – Double Identity

McGee, DiNozzo and Gibbs

Let’s all admire new technology!


But DiNozzo’s wet socks can go. Episode 17 was a very run-of-the-mill kind of affair. Ordinary crime and more of a stay-at-home feel for the team. Ducky’s ties were more worrying than DiNozzo’s wet sock.

Abby, Mortimer and Ducky

Ducky reckons he needs to evolve; hence the ties instead of bow ties. We don’t like the new ties, so they had better go. So had the reason for them. Sorry Ducky. Abby is training a new puppy for someone, but I’m not sure it’s good to ‘take your – or someone else’s – puppy to work’, especially if work is a place for dead people.

Ducky and Abby

It’s finally goodbye to Mrs Mallard, sad though it is. Nina Foch, the actress, died a long time ago, while Ducky’ mother has ‘lingered’.

Gibbs in autopsy

Haven’t seen Gibbs resting and lying down on the job in autopsy for a very long time. He needs to be careful.

(Photos © CBS)


One response to “NCIS – Double Identity

  1. Are you serious. I watch this program everyday Im sure I no more than the people that had the dumbiest comments recently. If that’s all you could come up with then you have no business saying anything at all. Mrs
    Mallord was a great part of the show and touched on everyday reality. The fact that Duckie’s ties are different is just that. They want you to no loosing her has given him a new outlook on things. He’ll get back to who he is, it’s also possible that they didn’t want us to no she had died it’s not like she was a main person, and if you followed the season you’d know he mentioned her through out the episodes. If you’r so picky then find another show.

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