Percy Jackson

They had better have more films planned soon or half made already, since that Logan Lerman isn’t going to stay young much longer. In fact, the Percy Jackson actor is already 18, and Percy is much younger than that. I’m fairly sure that in the book he doesn’t drive. He did in the film.

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

It wasn’t a marvellous film, but it was OK. Better than the half of the book that I managed before giving up a few years ago. I’d say it’s quite good for the Greek myths. Once you’ve watched this, it’s likely that the few myths behind the adventure will remain as knowledge. Anything which reinforces half known facts is welcome, and I was pleased with myself for getting the Medusa angle before it was made obvious.

Speaking of dear Medusa, those who left the cinema while the credits ran missed a little something towards the very end. Now that people no longer need to run in order to avoid the national anthem, it can be worth hanging on a bit to see what film makers put in after or in the middle of the credits.

Had been impressed – as usual – that there were a few big names in the film. They were cameos, really, with the possible exception of Pierce Brosnan as a horse. Centaur, I mean. His front half wasn’t bad looking. I liked Catherine Keener a lot more in this, so maybe she’s growing on me.

Percy Jackson - The Lightning Thief

I kept getting confused, since when Pierce suggested going to Olympus, I kept thinking trips to Greece, when in actual fact Olympus had moved to Manhattan, so they didn’t have far to go.

The reasons behind Rick Riordan’s books were skated over rather quickly. A few mentions of dyslexia and ADHD, and that was it. But maybe we have to be grateful for anything that can give children with one or both of those problems some screen exposure.

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