Sven Hedlund is 65

Time flies. I’m sure it wasn’t terribly long ago that the sweet looking young man from Valentine’s Day was twenty. Now he is 65. Today.

Sven Hedlund at Graceland by Ulf Stjernbo

The photo is from Graceland, I believe, and I’ve ‘borrowed’ it from the man who is responsible for photos and things to do with Svenne’s new CD SVENNE SINGS ELVIS IN MEMPHIS. His first Elvis album came in 1967, and was one of the first LPs I ever bought. They used to cost a fortune!

Anyway, I think a nice car photo is appropriate. The car is nice, too. Not just the photo. And the 65-year-old isn’t bad.


3 responses to “Sven Hedlund is 65

  1. I love Svenne (and Lotta too) his new cd is super!
    I listen to it every day. His voice is at least as good as always. – I don`t know how good my speeling english is, I`m from Denmark.. 🙂

  2. Must see if I can listen to the CD. Your spelling is fine, Heidi!

  3. Thank you very much! On (or at?) you can buy the cd with a fantastic dvd very cheap!

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