Cooky and Lila

Cooky and Lila must surely be one of the best love songs? It features ‘ordinary’ love between ‘ordinary’ people.

I think it must be my favourite Doctor Hook song. It’s from the album Bankrupt, which again is my favourite. Neither the song nor the LP tended to be what they’d play on the radio in those days. At least not my radio. So it was good to hear Dennis Locorriere say at a concert that it was his favourite album, too. Hope it wasn’t a trick of my hearing. You hear what you want to hear.

Bankrupt is good because it’s one of the earlier albums, and it doesn’t have all that ‘arranged-ness’ that comes with success and fame. It’s simply got Doctor Hook’s natural charm, and that’s what they did best.

It’s not easy picking a ‘best of’ out of a great selection of tracks, but there was always something special about Cooky and Lila. Sad, but happy, lyrics sung by Dennis could be one explanation. But then many of their songs would fit the bill. It’s not even a Shel Silverstein song, and his were always the best.

How can anyone sing the word ‘cream’ and make it sound so sexy?

2 responses to “Cooky and Lila

  1. I love Dr Hook, ever since we played their greatest hits continuously on a road trip from Scotland to the south of Italy,
    Never heard this one but will go looking for the album, thanks!

  2. Great! We have more in common!

    There’s a risk that a long car journey kills any fondness for whatever it is you consume continuously.

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