Eat while-u-wait

The frugal witch (hah) and her Resident IT Consultant splashed out on some bar food at Cornerhouse on Friday night in between having got rid of Daughter on a plane and seeing Tolstoy in The Last Station.

Came to the conclusion that deciding what to order while still online at home was a waste of time, because the menu had changed by the time we got there. They could obviously see us coming. But not to worry, as we found other good stuff that we could eat, and were pleased to find table service, which was a first for me.

So the quiche and the veggie mezze arrived without any of that undignified elbowing at the bar, and loads of bread that was almost better than my own. It put us in such a good mood that we splashed further on desserts, one of which was especially nice, but I can’t tell you what it was because it wasn’t labelled and our waitress didn’t know either. It had a raspberry on top, if that helps. And they’d better have it next time I’m there and hungry. Not that I was hungry after all that bread. Just greedy.

Tea and coffee to make us alert enough not to fall asleep during the film.

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