An early love

As someone who doesn’t observe Valentine’s Day, I’ll just do one of my usual irrational things and go a little gooey at the edges.

The ‘what’ is 1960s Swedish pop group the Hep Stars, with heart throb Svenne Hedlund singing, and featuring the nimble fingers of a beardless Benny Andersson, who later became famous for something else. The song is Sunny Girl, which was one of the first pop songs I really noticed, so it has a special place in my cold old heart.

Now, the English lyrics are atrocious, and Svenne’s pronunciation not much better, but consider that they were around twenty at the time, and had left school early, and wrote and sang in a foreign language. Not bad, really.

And I badly wanted a cardigan with edges like Svenne’s…


One response to “An early love

  1. Annika Johannesson

    Vilka fina klipp! Tänk en sån tröja önskade jag mig också.

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